Chad W.J. Theriot

Chad W.J. Theriot is the CEO and President of CBM Technology.NET.

Mr. Theriot has over twenty five years of experience in designing, developing, implementing and training for software applications. He is fluent in ten programming languages and has designed, developed and implemented specialized software for UPS Airlines, the Houston Transit Authority, the British Columbia Transit Authority, the Kellogg Corporation, VanEaton & Romero, Johnson & Johnson and various Sugar Cane Mills across Louisiana. Mr. Theriot co-founded AudioScribe in 1997 to provide the first large vocabulary speech recognition based CAT system to the U.S. Court Reporting industry (SpeechCAT Pro).

In addition to his skills as a developer, Mr. Theriot is well versed in hardware, web applications, wireless technology and radio frequency technology. Together with a staff of developers, analysts and technicians, CBM is dedicated to providing the highest quality information technology services available today.

Mr. Theriot is very involved in the community and is an active board member of the BBB of Acadiana, Lafayette Chapter of Habitat for Humanity and Teche Center for the Arts.

Mr. Theriot speaks at events both here in the United States and abroad to educate legal professionals from around the world about speech recognition technology for the court reporting industry and others.