How can you support Teche Center for the Arts?

Fundraising for our grassroots cultural center requires a multifaceted approach to best serve our communities in St. Martin Parish, and to an extent, our neighboring communities.  As a result, we anticipate additional fiscal support and the ability to leverage community resources through a variety of activities that include:

  • Sale of memorial bricks to pave our courtyard
  • Offering of family memorial materials to be used throughout the Center
  • Membership recruitment for our organization
  • Applying for seed grants
  • Small donations from families, local merchants, and community members
  • Funds generated from small projects sponsored by the Center.

In addition, support is being solicited through gala events, corporate sponsorships, and federal, regional, state, and foundation grants from a variety of sources.

Please download the form to reserve your brick and email it to us!